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Masri Hayssam (b.1965)
La Prima Nevicata


This series comprise paintings inspired from Masri's travel in Norway. Subtle hues and neutral colours which denotes a different tone and emotion

Mixed media on paper  35cm x 50cm (14" x 20")  Signed.


Masri Hayssam (b.1965)

 The Wallington Gallery is delighted to welcome the Florence based, award winning and internationally renowned  artist, Masri Hayssam to our portfolio of Contemporary Artists. 

Born in Lebanon, this Lebanese painter studied architecture and Art of Calligraphy (Ottoman and Persian method) in Tripoli. He travelled to Florence to pursue studies in graphic design, photography and art history. Florence is where he has resided for 24 years and where his studio is located. He has held exhibitions Italy, Norway, England, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, United States of America amongst others.

Masri is a painter with a capable and comprehensive palette equally at home with landscapes and portraits conceived in an abstract expressionist style. He is recognised for having different styles, he says: “I attempt to master each technique I apply and I put a lot of love in my paints. I control the technique rather than the other way round. An actor can be comic or tragic, on stage and on screen. Why can't the same apply to a painter? I find it strange that artists spend 40 years painting the same topics”.

Masri was born 1965 in Tripoli-Lebanon. He moved to Italy in 1990. He grew up during a bloody civil war which ended when he was 15. His life was put at risk more than once during those troubled times. His work can be divided into different periods and different series of works. .. “I am always on the move discovering something artistically new and impressive; something significant with an eye-opening impact on the human psyche; something that does not let monotony and rote repetition take hold of my soul and the flow of my thoughts. This insatiable and agonizing feeling of unexpressed great potential inside of me is not fulfilled by the versatility in my work.

The key to understanding Masri's art, and his most innovative works, are his self-portraits, which number around 100, “If you want to understand my art, look at my self-portraits. If you focus at any of my self portraits, you'll see yourself in myself in different forms and different expressions”.

Work by the artist MASRI, has been selected from over 1,300 entries to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain's leading portrait artists. It will hang alongside portraits of Her Majesty the Queen, Patron of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, celebrities and major public figures as well as outstanding work painted by members of the Society, and by artists who selected through the open submission on the merit of their work.

Member of

 Portrait society of America

 NEUTRAL-ISM Group-Italy

 Art Nations-Germany

 Lebanese Artist Association


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2013: Beirut Arab University- Beirut-Lebanon

2010: Galerie Espace d Arte-Tripoli-Lebanon

2010: Selected in Art Kudos international Art competition

2009: Nes Kulturhus Norway-(Anatomy of Nature Series)

2010: NDU Lebanese Diaspora International competition Notre Dame University-Beirut

2004 & 2005: American Art Carmel , California

2009: Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)

2003: La chimera ( Metropolitan International Art) Lecce, Italy

2008: Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)

2002: Galleria Modigliani , Milan Italy

2007: 2 Premio International Arte Laguna Museo Santa Caterina) Treviso Italy

1999: Teatro Guglielmi, Massa Carrara Italy

2003: 1 Premio international (Art e Societa) Caltaniseta Sicilia

1998: Stamperia della Bezuga,Florence Italy

2003: Premio Italia 2003 Florence Certosa

1997: Gegenuber Badischer Bahnhof, Basel, Switzerland 1994: Centro Internazionale Giorgio la pira, Florence Italy

Other paintings by this artist:

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  • Foggy Landscape
  • In the Wood
  • Tuscany Landscape
  • In the Woods
  • By the Sky
  • Mona
  • Masri H Self Portrait - I do not..
  • Hoda
  • Mery
  • Sara
  • Self Portrait
  • In Piena Notte
  • La Tempesta
  • Red Sky
  • In Fondo al Cielo
  • Verso il Cielo
  • Verso l'orizonte
  • Trasparenza

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