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Daniel Knox (b.1977)
Crossing the border



Daniel Knox (b.1977)

Born in Kelso in the Scottish Borders in 1977, Dan has travelled and lived in this area for most of his adult life. He has an endless fascination with the beauty of the landscapes in this area in particular and they continue to provide the inspiration for his work.

He studied art and design at Newcastle college in 1995 and has since continued to paint, selling through galleries and private collectors, both in the UK and abroad. Beginning as a figurative landscape artist mainly he has become more drawn to semi abstract and abstract painting in recent years.

Inspired by a spiritual experience of the natural world, his paintings explore the union of subject and object; the merging of ‘viewer' and ‘viewed' in a wholistic apprehension of natural beauty. His expressionistic approach to landscape; using broad shapes and blocks of colour, along with techniques of gouging and rubbing into the canvas create texture and suggest a visceral connection with the work. In more recent work there is a sometimes unfinished feel to the paintings; an openness created by a move toward pure abstraction. The intention is to create a ‘space' within the viewer where an apprehension of the work exists without the need for figurative interpretation, echoing the experience of the natural world they capture.

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Artwork Tags: Abstract | Acrylic

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