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Roger de la Corbiere (1893 - 1974)
Moored Boats at Sunset

 A wonderful example of his work. Corbiere studied under Choultes at the Academy of Fine Arts. In the following years, he travelled and painted on the coasts of France, Italy and Spain and his special liking for the sea made him stay at the Riviera for some months each year. Corbiere gained a following for his coastal scenes and soon developed his unique style while his audience became international and made him a truly successful artist.

Oil     18" x 21 3/4"    signed (original labels verso)


Roger de la Corbiere (1893 - 1974)

A French artist who was born in Vienna. He studied under the Russian painter Choltse, who was a great exponent of light and shade particularly in snow scenes. He exhibited at the Paris Salon for 35 years, receiving the Silver Medal in 1954. In 1957 he received the Bronze Medal from the Salon des Independants. The French State acquired several of his paintings in 1925. His paintings are in the collections of many well known persons throughout the world. He worked mainly from his studio in Brittany, but also spent some time in the Riviera.  His daughter carried on the family tradition, painting similar scenes.

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