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Edward Tibbs
Easy Rider



Edward Tibbs

Northumberland born artist Edward Tibbs studied at Newcastle College of Art where he won a bursary to study design in Italy.

In a career in advertising he won many other prizes and lots of awards including a 'National Rose Award' for his designs.

Edward retired in 2002. Now with the opportunity to devote more of his time to painting, his desire is to capture a moment of expression or movement - bringing character into his work.

Edward has had his paintings exhibited throughout the UK. 

Edward had a further award through a painting exhibited at 'The People Show'.

Edward works on various figurative themes in his work including paintings and pastels of village life, animals and people. His series of paintings of dancers reflects his interest in the human form. The lighter side of Edwards work is conveyed both by his series of Man and Dog paintings as well as his pastels of places he knows well such as the towns and villages of Northumberland. He is equally at home depicting urban life, especially that of Newcastle Upon Tyne and its many characters.

You can find out more about Edward and his work in Marshall Hall's 'The Artists of Northumbria'.

Other paintings by this artist:

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  • A Cornet and a Plodge
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  • Washing down the Gallowas
  • A Lucky Day
  • Bogey on Down
  • It's Half Time
  • Early morning Hexham Market
  • Happy Hikers
  • He's a Tramp
  • Let's head for the Hills
  • Swine Lake - Dance of the small Pigletts
  • You ain't nuthin but a Houndog
  • Johann Sebastian Bark
  • It's a game of two halves
  • The Toon Army
  • Desperate Dan
  • A canny day
  • Don't let go Dad

Artwork Tags: Dog | Figures | Humour | Northumbrian | Pastel

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