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Rosa Migliardi (b.1969)
Meeting Points

Acrylic on box canvas H 100cm W 110cm D 4 cm  Signed


Rosa Migliardi (b.1969)

We are delighted to welcome Rosa Migliardi to The Wallington Gallery, a talented and inspired artist. Her paintings and sculptures are bold, striking and colourful preferring to work with oils and galvanised wire.    

Rosa was born in Naples, Italy 1969  and studied at Filippo Palizzi Istituto D'arte, Naples, 1985- 1990, Accademia della Moda, Naples. 1991-1995, Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London, England, 2007-2010.

She describes her interest as travelling, reading, classical music, horse riding, photography and meeting new people. Her favourite artistic medium - Painting in oil, galvanized wire sculptures. She is inspired and has been influenced by Abstract Expressionism (1940 - 1955). Nature surrounding her. Visual artists including : Sigmar Polke, Peter Doig, Terry Wynters and Karel Malich. 

Rosa describes herself -  "I am obsessed with the cells signals of living entities, the starting point of everything. I am intrigued by how, why and what for, we all became forms for a short journey on the road to decay. I try to portray the way I see the whole, a bit out of focus and multiple layers, dreamlike images. It's difficult for me to talk about art. I can only say that effects me on a visceral level, simply a human instinct from within. I feel art, it has been haunting me since I can remember, this urge to express myself freely, a way of communicating my ideas. My job is to express myself and in that process to learn a bit more about the self, the surface of my work is not an objective space to express conceptual ideas, composing my pieces is not an intellectual, premeditated activity but an affective one. I feel compelled to examine where i fit into all of this. Is it even possible to know that?"

Exhibiting and selling paintings and sculptures on commissions in:  Holland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Prague, USA, London and Italy.


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