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George Muris (b.1914)
Near Cannes

Another superb painting by Muris, a Northumbrian artist, influenced and taught by D'Oyly John.

(This paining has been professionally restored however on very close inspection there are slight areas of craquelure which are not visible when the painting is hanging).


George Muris (b.1914)

George Muris was born in Newcastle and was heavily influenced by D'Oyly John and was tutored by him when he was living in South Africa. His Art became very popular on his return to Newcastle. Many of his works have been reproduced in print. His work was exhibited at the Laing Art Gallery, Artists of the Northern Counties exhibition in 1955. He is included in The Artists of Northumbria by Marshall Hall.

Other paintings by this artist:

  • Fishing Boats, Menton
  • The Shady Corner near Menton

Artwork Tags: European | Oil | Sea Scape

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