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Allan Stroud
Portrait of a Friend


Allan was born in Edinburgh and has a passion for Marine subjects. Several of his nautical themed pictures have been exhibited by the Royal Society of Marine Artists in 2019 and 2020.  He is also interested in producing portraits.



Allan Stroud

Delighted to welcome Allan Stroud (b.1984) to the Wallignton Gallery a talented artist who describes his work as follows:
I was born in Edinburgh and from a very young age, I was always drawing. I was fascinated in drawing everything around me, especially machinery. Drawing eventually gave way to painting, but as I grew older I never thought seriously about art as anything beyond something I did for my own enjoyment. As a result, I did not attend art college or receive any formal art education. After attempting several careers in archaeology, offices and the NHS, I realised that the one true constant in my life was art and that what I really wanted to do was paint. 

All my current work is done in oils, which is a medium I absolutely love. Much of my work is inspired by the sea or at least man's interaction with it - ships, shipbuilding and work at sea. The part of Edinburgh where I grew up was right on the seashore, so I would literally see it, hear it and smell it every day of my childhood. Added to this was an uncle in the Royal Navy who brought me a string of posters and stories about the ships he served on. Consequently, my love for the sea is almost as much a part of me as is art. This is reflected in much of my artwork and I have been fortunate to have had several nautical themed pictures exhibited by the Royal Society of Marine Artists in 2019 and 2020. I am always keen to try and challenge myself and try new things, which has lead me to become interested in portraiture too. 

Other paintings by this artist:

  • HMS Hood departing Portsmouth, mid-1930s
  • Heading South, looking home: Royal Navy warships heading to the South Atlantic, 1982
  • HMS Jupiter
  • HMS Tiger versus the North Atlantic
  • VOS Famous entering Aberdeen Harbour
  • Trawler Reliant returning home to Banff, northeast Scotland
  • Clear and Calm on the North Sea

Artwork Tags: Northumbrian | Oil | Portrait

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