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Paul Cannon

We are delighted to welcome Paul Cannon to the Wallington Gallery. A talented artist with his own unique style and subject matter. Born and raised in the leafy environs of Epsom in Surrey but developed an interest in heavy industrial landscapes from around the age of four. This was due in part to his Grandma, who lived in Bolton, Lancashire. She would send local newspaper cuttings for Paul to keep in scrapbooks and the cuttings would invariably be of cotton mill chimneys and factories being pulled down and permanently destroyed.

At this tender age during the early 1980’s, Paul was unaware that he was witnessing the deindustrialization of Britain and that these monolithic industrial revolution structures would soon be replaced with bland soulless out-of-town business parks, shopping centres and heritage trails.

Around this time Paul also became fascinated in his Father’s A-Z street atlases and began collecting city maps. Moving forward, he started to draw his own fictional city maps and set them in the 1970’s. The reasoning for this allowed Paul to retain his own make-believe industrial landscapes forever, while the real World moved into a cleaner and technologically focused society.

More recently Paul has expanded upon the fictional map idea (now known as Geofiction) to incorporate unique drawings of what parts of his city would look like at ground level. He also has a passion for drawing industrial art

Paul Cannon is open to public and private commissions; wall art, murals, map work, illustrations and gallery representation.